Welcome to State Electrical Engineers' Association, West Bengal

Our beloved Association is steered by the joint efforts of all our members. And our dear Annual Journal too comes out with the joint efforts not only of the Journal Sub-Committee members but beyond that. Often general members too come forward to join hands with the Sub-Committee members to make this stupendous task a grand success. It is only for the formality's sake that the editor speaks a few words on behalf of them all.

As usual this issue too of our journal presents, besides other features, this year's technical seminar papers, the topic this time being 'e-communication'. In recent years we have come across so many such words like e-governance, e-commerce etc. I was thinking whether some day we might hear of e-editing to get rid of editors. We would just push in the papers and pictures and press the button and our journal will come out. Is it too silly a talk of an editor who does not understand 'e' even after attending the last seminar? Wait for a moment please.

Gone by are the years when we had to edit papers with a pen in one hand a dictionary in the other. But now ust open Microsoft Word in your computer if you want to change a format or font or colour, or delete a sentence, or count number of words or apply spelling check, next just click the Edit-button and give related commands and within moments your can do all those. The editors of today get magical tools but their services cannot be dispensed with, for man's status is above all the tools he uses. But imagine once what would have happened if just by pressing a button we could really get our journal out of papers and pictures inserted.

  • SEEAWB welcome all the newly entrant ASSISTANT ENGINEERS (Electrical) and wishing all the success in life.
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